A better way to clean expensive or hard to find pistons

I just purchase a 2000 4.8L Chevy engine with 225,000 miles on it for my 58 Chevy truck. It was pretty nasty inside from the anti-freeze leaking in to it for god knows how long due to the early 706 heads porosity problem. The pistons were especially caked with carbon and build up and if you build LS based motors you know the pistons are pricey to replace at $35 to $45 each. So I went about finding something to clean them with that would not mark up the skirts and grooves or etch the aluminum. I did a web search and I came across a product called Piston Kleen. It boasted a soak and wait technique at room temp or you could warm it up and agitate it for faster cleansing. We've all heard that before and ended up with damaged pistons from the acid or frozen piston pins. The ingredients stated no hazardous chemicals and the price was right to experiment with it so I paid my $14.95 plus some shipping for a gallon on www. orisonmarketing.com.

The directions are simple just pour into a plastic container and add parts. I got a 2 gallon bucket added 3 pistons with rods and poured in the Piston Kleen. There is no noticeable smell so I figured they must not use the acid bath we use on carb soaks. It started to clean in a matter of minute and I was wondering if I would end up with just 3 rods and no pistons in the morning, I figured I would rather buy 3 pistons than 8 so in they went for 24 hrs, to my surprise as you see below it does really work. They were soaked over night and lightly brushed with a nylon brush. Not scrubbed, not scrapped, just a nylon brush. They were dropped into the Piston Kleen right out of the motor, no cleaning or scrapping just dropped in as pictured. I can see all the original detail on the skirts and tops so these are good reusable pistons. The ring grooves need a little help but still very good for not scrapping them. I spent $14.95 plus shipping, saved a lot of work and almost $300 for pistons. Piston Kleen is well worth the price.

The other good things about Piston Kleen are its biodegradable, non-toxic, nonflammable, no VOC, no hazardous ingredients so you don't have that nasty acid carb cleaner smell hanging around your garage for weeks.

Now you may be asking what's in this write up for me, why all the praise. I get nothing out of this, I have never purchased anything from them before or even talked to them about buying or using their products. They don't even know I put this up. Its just simply a good product that helps you and me do what we do a little easier.


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Piston Kleen